Variety of Meats

Domestic Meat & Wild Game Processing in Prince George, BC

Chilako Meats offers professional processing of domestic animals as well as wild game, creating delicious steaks and chops, sausages and ground meats from your kill. Have questions or concerns? Give us a call or visit our shop for more information.

Custom Sausage Making: We require 20 lbs of meat for a minimum batch

European Style Wieners - $3.00 per lb. (Minimum 50 lb. batch)

Pepperoni (Regular, Honey Garlic, Mild and Xtra Hot) - $2.85 per lb.

Smokies $2.35 / Garlic Links - $2.85

Cheese Smokies - $2.35 per lb.

Maple Smokies -$2.35 per lb.

Farmer Sausage - Regular or Garlic - $2.35 (Plus 50% Pork added $2.95 per lb.)

Special Blend $2.60 per lb. (Plus 50% Pork at $2.95 per lb.)

Salami (Beer, Summer, Garlic and Pepperoni) - $12.00 per 5 lb. chubs

Smoked Salami (Beer, Summer, Garlic and Pepperoni) -$15.00 per 5 lb. chubs

Jerky (Regular, Pepper, Teriyaki, BBQ) - $12.00 per lb. finished weight

Mini Fryers or Dinner Fryers (Maple, Regular, Mild Italian, Hot Italian)

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Hang Only

$20 a day (not available during the hunting season).We will only hang your animal if it is being processed at Chilako Meats.

Cut, Wrapped and Boxed

$0.79 per lb.

Rush orders Cut, Wrapped and Boxed 2-5 days

$0.89 per lb.


Under 100 lbs. - $75.00

Over 100 lbs. - $0.79 per lb.


Moose, Elk - $100.00

Deer, Bear - $85.00

Pork - $25.00

Domestic Meat

Beef and Pork $0.69 per lbs. cut and wrapped

Lamb $65.00 each, cut and wrapped

Goat $40.00 each, cut only

Just Boned Out

$0.69 per lb.

Ground and Wrapped

$0.59 per lb. – minimum is 30 lbs. at $25, anything over that is $0.59 per lb.

Ground Only

$0.50 per lb.


Cut and Wrapped in Brown Paper $1.50 per lb.

Bagged $0.60 per lb.

Cryovac $2.00 per lb.

Fillet $1.50 per lb.

Fillet and Cryovac $2.00 per lb.

Smoked $6.00 per lb.

Fillet, Smoked and Cryovac $6.50 per lb.

Prices subject to change; please call for details.

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