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Chilako Meats

Freezer Packs

Variety Pack  $450

6lbs Round or Sirloin Tip Roast

6lbs Ground Beef

6lbs Beef Stew

10lbs Pork Chops

6lbs Pork Steak

6lbs Pork Roast

6lbs Beef or Pork Frying Sausage

2lbs Sliced Bacon

6lbs Whole Chicken

6lbs Sirloin Steak



Beef Pack $260
6lbs Sirloin Steak
6lbs Round Roast
6lbs Ground Beef
6lbs Beef Fryers
6lbs Beef Stew

Poultry Pack $200

6lbs B/S Chicken Breast

6lbs Whole Chicken

6lbs Chicken Legs

6lbs Chicken Thighs

BBQ Pack $450

4lbs T-Bone Steak

4lbs Rib Steak

4lbs Sirloin Steak

4lbs Striploin Steak

4lbs Pork Steak

4lbs B/S Chicken Breast

4lbs Baby Back Ribs

4lbs Smokies

Pork Pack $175

6lbs Pork Chops

6lbs Pork Roast

6lbs Pork Steak

6lbs Ground Pork

6lbs Pork Fryers

Breakfast Pack $135

3lbs Sliced Bacon

5lbs Breakfast Patties

5lbs Pork Sausage

5lbs Farmer Sausage

Snacker Pack $125

2 Pkgs Beef Jerky (any flavour)

8 Sticks Reg Pepperoni

3 Farmer Sausage

2.5lbs Salami (any flavour)

5lbs Pork Fryers



**Ask us about substitutions.  We can also make custom packs for $150**

*Prices subject to change

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