Chilako Meats

Wild Game and Domestic Processing

Wild Game Processing

Cut, Wrapped, Frozen, Boxed


Deer/Bear-Under 100lbs

Skinning - Deer $85 Moose/Elk $150

Pigs - $45 Each

Grind Only

Grind and Wrap

Boning- $5 Unwrap Fee may apply

Rush Orders extra-

Double Wrap extra-

Rush and Double Wrap

Dirty Animals extra-

Cutlets (min 20 lbs)

Rouladen (min 20 lbs)

Hang Only (Unavail Sept 1-- Nov15)

We maintain the right to refuse any animal for any reason  

As of Sept 1, 2021 our wild game processing fee will increase to .99 cents per lb. 







 $.10 lb

$.10 lb

$1.19 lb

$.20 lb




Domestic Processing​

Beef and Pork

Goat, Cut and Bagged

Lamb, Cut and Wrap

Fish-Fillet, Smoked, Cryovac


Fish- Fillet and Cryovac

Fish- Filet

Fish-Cut and Wrap (Steak)

Fish-Cut and Cryovac (Steak)

Curing & Smoking 

Bacon Slicing













$10 per


Custom Sausage from Processed

Dinner Fryers

Maple-Dinner Size

Hot Italian/Mild Italian/Reg-Dinner Size

Breakfast Fryers

Maple-Mini Size

Hot Italian/Mild italian/Reg-Mini Size


Salami (Beer,Summer,Garlic,Pepperoni) (5lb Chub)

Smoked Salami (5lb Chub)

Smokies (Reg)

Maple Smokies

Jalapeno,Cheese Smokies

Cheese Smokies

Special Blend Smokies (1/2 Pork @ $3.00lb)

Garlic Link

Farmer Sausage (Reg or Garlic 1/2 Pork @ $3.00lb)

Pepperoni Sticks (Mild,Reg,Xtra Hot,Xtra Xtra Hot)

Honey Garlic Pepperoni Sticks

Jerky (Reg,Pepper,Teriyaki)













$12 ea

$15 ea













Each batch of custom sausage requires 20lb minimum per batch, unless otherwise specified

*Prices subject to change