Chilako Meats

Sausages, Jerky, House-made Pizzas, and More!

All sausages are custom made in-house with hand mixed spices.  The majority of our products are Gluten-Free (please advise of any allergies).  All of our sausages are no sodium added.

Farmer, Garlic, or Regular Sausage

Garlic Link

English Bangers

Pork Fryer

Spicy Fryer

Beef Fryer

Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast Patties

Salami-Beer, Summer or Pepperoni

Regular Smokie

Maple Smokie

Cheese Smokie

Jalapeno Cheddar Smokie

Fresh Chorizo

Smoked & Cooked Chorizo


Pepperoni-Honey Garlic

South African Boerwors

 Turkey Sausage






















Dog Bones

Pet Food

Bird Suet

Soup Bones


Beef Tongue

Beef Heart

Beef Liver

Pork/Beef Fat



$1lb (Small Bag) 







Side of Pork                    $2.99lb

Approx. 90lb/side


Side of Beef

Approx. 350lb/side


***Beef prices subject to market value at time of slaughter***

Beef Jerky  $15/pkg (170g)





Spicy Thai

Bison Reg,pepper (170g) 

House-made Pizzas  

$15 - $17 each        

Topped with a selection of Chilako products.

Chilako Deluxe, Pepperoni, Hawaiian Deluxe, Meatlovers

Now carrying a selection of BBQ Sauces from local company, Smith's BBQ Sauces!!

Also carrying a selection of local honey from Sweet Nechako Honey!!

*Prices subject to change